Quality Policy
  • Providing reliable and high quality products that meets and exceeds customers' expectations by implementing proper approach.
  • Providing and maintain free of impurities environment, and enhance personal safety and health culture standards at our facilities.
  • Enforcing precautionary procedures to maintain staff's performance from disturbance.
Environmental Health

ASB® was awarded the Business Quality Certification’s (BQC) ISO 14001 certification for complying with the requirements for an environmental management system (EMS).

The company has adopted a framework to control the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services, and aims to continually improve its environmental performance. This applies to those environmental aspects which the company and its staff can control.

Occupational Safety

ASB® is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, it has an approved OH&S management system that eliminates or minimizes risk to its employees, its clients and third parties who may be exposed to OH&S risks associated with its activities.

The ASB® Occupational Health and Safety Management System provides a framework for managing OHS responsibilities, making it more efficient and more integrated into overall business operations. It is based on standards, which specify a process of achieving continuously improved OHS performance and compliance with legislation.

....ASB® is committed to continually improve its services and integrated management system by adopting Three major ISO certificates....